Two Special Video Releases! What Engineers Enjoy about Living and Working in Fukuoka

    Two Special Video Releases! What Engineers Enjoy about Living and Working in Fukuoka サムネイル画像

    We’re pleased to bring you two videos that will let you get a more in-depth and realistic feel for LINE Fukuoka’s engineering culture.

    HOW LINE WORKS ~LINE Fukuoka Enginners~

    One of the company's unique characteristics is that its employees hail not only from Fukuoka, but in fact from 16 different countries! Of the 894 employees working at LINE Fukuoka (as of July 2017), a total of 13% are expatriates, and nearly half of our Engineers are from overseas.*
    *Based on employee data listed on the corporate website

    In an effort to give prospective candidates throughout the world a better understanding of life in this city called Fukuoka and what kind of environment awaits them after they actually start working at LINE Fukuoka, we collaborated with Fukuoka-based creative studio KOO-KI Co., Ltd. to create a PR video.

    From life in the city to how they spend their free time, the video relays the appeal of “living in Fukuoka and working at LINE Fukuoka” through the eyes of two engineers (from Germany and France) who came to Japan and are actually working at LINE Fukuoka. Please take a few minutes to watch it!

    LINE Engineers @ Fukuoka


    In the second video, a total of four engineers (both iOS and server-side) working at LINE Fukuoka talk about development at LINE Fukuoka, as well as how they progress with their work, the development environment, and the company’s engineering culture.

    If you know anyone interested in “living in Fukuoka and working at LINE Fukuoka”, please feel free to share the videos!

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